MultiBrax® MultiGrinder MB 650 MV used as Belt Grinder

Article id: MB650MV


  • Easy assembly, no tools needed
  • High-quality, solid and light attachment
  • Use of standard belt sizes (width: 6-15mm, length: 520, 530, 610 and 650mm)
  • The slim design allows working in hard-to-reach places
  • Straight belt guide reduces the strain on belt seals
  • The protective tube provides a higher work safety and an improved handling
  • Thanks to the concave and croos-knrled drive wheel, a central belt run is ensured
  •  Application of common belt dimensions (Width: 6 - 15 mm, length: 520, 533, 610 and 650 mm)
  • The straight belt guide reduces the load on the belt closures
  • The protective pipe provides a higher occupational safety and a better handling
  • Due to the concave and cross-knurled drive wheel, a centric belt run is guaranteed
  • A wearing down of the grinding belt is nearly impossible due to the optimal spring tension
DescriptionPUArticle id
MultiBrax MB 650 MV MultiGrinder attachment1MB650MV
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