MultiBrax® MB 650 RV2 Pipe belt grinder attachment

Article id: MB650RV

Groups: MultiBrax attachments


Carrier / Grinding arm

  • This design allows grinding in areas difficult to access as e.g. assembled hand rails (4 cm clearance to the wall).
  • Small wrap angle, therefore low grinding temperature resp. reduced material heating Grinding of weld seams (butt welds) is possible.
  • The weld seam is quickly and exactly matched to the pipe diameter.
  • For machining of round materials of 8 - 300 mm (360°).
  • Easy pipe machining.
  • Very handy and lightweight.

Guide pulleys

  • When using the non-rotating sidediscs (polyoxmethylene) of the guide pulley which is approx. 1mm bigger in diameter, there are no damages (grinding marks) left on the pipe.
  • In very tight radii, the fixed discs serve as a contact surface for guiding the grinding belt around the radius.
  • Due to the guide grooves and the side discs in the guide pulleys it is possible to grind in the tightest radii.
  • A wearing down of the grinding belt in this area is hardly possible, when the device is positioned properly (90° to the workpiece).
  • Different belt widths are applicable.
  • Dust-protected ball bearing.

Drive wheels with distance bush

  • High-quality and light drive wheel made of POMC (polyoxymethylene), machined from one peace.
  • Thus, extremely smooth running.
  • Slighly convex design.
  • Perfect centering of the grinding belt.
  • Very durable and heat-resistant rubber coating.
  • Optimal force transmission to the grinding belt.
  • For use with polishing machines and adjustable angle grinders.
  • For grinding, satinfinishing, matting, cleaning, polishing, sanding, removing of rustandpaint from round rods, banisters, hand rails, elbow pipes and pipes in the visual range of 8 - 300 mm diameter.
  • Simple assembly, no tools required
  • High-quality, sturdy but light attachment
  • Easy pipe machining
  • This design allows grinding in areas difficult to access as e.g. assembled hand rails (5 cm wall clearance)
  • Different belt width applicable (6 - 35 mm)
  • Dust protected ball bearing
  • Patented guide pulleys
  • Due to the fixed side discs at the guide pulleys the grinding belt is firmly guided, a running off of the grinding belt is nearly impossible
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