MultiBrax® MB 650 EC Cleaner

Article id: MB650EC

Groups: Electrolyte devices


A simple ON / OFF switch turns on the MB 650 EC and can start cleaning your components directly. You do not need to calibrate or adjust anything. We have analyzed and evaluated the different processes. On the basis of these results, we have developed and adjusted the optimum performance levels and stored them for you. With the MB 650 EC, you can clean WIG / TIG welds, dirt and grids within only a few seconds.

Thanks to the built-in quick-release fastener, the handpiece, workpiece cable and ground cable can be quickly and easily exchanged. The handgrip cable as well as the workshop cable are optionally extendable up to 7 meters.

Set consisting of:

  • MultiBrax® MB 650 EC Cleaner
  • Ground cable with terminal 4 mm Ø x 2 meters
  • Workpiece cable 4 mm x 3 meters
  • Power cord
  • Wide mouth container
  • Ceramic paste 25 g - for threaded handle, prevents corrosion
  • Workpiece cable 4 mm x 3 meters
  • SK25 Teflon handle
  • Carbo-Fix with bore
  • Electrolyte Speed 500 ml
  • Microfibre cloth 40 x 40 mm
  • Mounting key - if necessary, for loosening fixed carbon brushes

Electrochemical cleaning - easy

  • One button operation
  • Quick-release fasteners for quick exchange of handpiece or pipes
  • highly flexible and light work piece for pleasant work
  • Workpiece cable extendable up to 7 meters
  • mobile use on site (transport box included)
  • no highly aggressive acids (eg: stains = hydrofluoric acid)
  • Cleaning of WIG / TIG welds
  • Cleaning of stainless steel surfaces

Cleaning of contaminated or oxidized stainless steel surfaces. The carbon brush with the appropriate electrolytes is then painted over the contaminated surface. In this way, the foreign oxides produced during the welding of stainless steel (initial colors) are electrochemically dissolved and removed. Complex geometries and angles are not a problem for the MB 650 EC.

  • One button operation
  • Quick-release fasteners for quick replacement of handpiece or cables
  • Highly flexible and lightweight workpiece lead for pleasant work
  • Workpiece extension extendable up to 7 meters
  • mobile use on the construction site (included transport box)
  • no highly aggressive acids (eg stain = hydrofluoric acid)
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