MultiBrax® - One system for all applications

1 main machine = countless applications

Innovative, versatile grinding system.

The MultiBrax®-Attachment system is compatible with customary inox angle grinders (speed-regulated, 125 mm Ø), compressed air systems and flexible shafts. You can find specific classifications on our homepage or contact us.

The advantages of the MultiBrax system at a glance:

· Reduction from 5 to 1 main machine (1 main machine + 3 attachments = 5 special machines). Usually 5 main engines have to be used: belt grinder, pipe belt grinder, fillet weld grinder, roloc-disc grinder, satin finisher

· Thus lesser costs for acquisition and repairs

· Saving of costs approx. 1,500-2,000,- Euro

· Reduction of machine cases during installation

· Easy assembly, no tools needed

· Versatile fields of application

· Working in narrow angles and hard-to-reach places

· Made and patented in Germany

Curious? You are welcome to visit us in Freudenberg to convince yourself of our grinding converting with the quality-standard „Made in Germany“.

We will show you the performance of GeBrax® products in our training area. The practical and realistic applications with the MultiBrax® system show you new and multifunctional grinding possibilities. We look forward to your visit!

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