Grinding disc Quantum

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Quantum grinding discs provide highest stock removal and low operating costs. They allow fast and comfortable working even with low grinding pressure.

  • Innovations in the grinding technology for the best results
  • Ceramic premium grain for a maximum of stock removal and fast working
  • Outstanding performance compared with discs with standard aluminium oxide and zirconia alumina
  • Highest stock removal and lowest operating costs
  • Comfortable and very fast working and highest stock removal
Ø x Width x BoreTypePUArticle id
115 x 7,0 x 22 mm, flatA 24 P10SN1157022A24P
125 x 7,0 x 22 mm, flatA 24 P10SN1257022A24P
178 x 7,0 x 22 mm, flatA 24 P10SN1787022A24P
230 x 7,0 x 22 mm, flatA 24 P10SN2307022A24P
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