Non-woven belts GB 110 LS

Article id: GB 110 LS

Groups: Non-woven belts

Data sheets
Grain: Aluminum oxide / Silicium carbide
Bonding: Artificial resin
Backing: Non-woven, fabric reinforced
Coating: open
Graining: Coarse, Medium, Very Fine, Super Fine


  • Remove failures on surfaces
  • Create the right finish in one operation step
  • Provide a clean, smooth, deburred surface
  • Reduction of grinding scratches in less steps than with standard abrasives on backing
  • Improved operation life
  • Reduce smearing even in case of alloys with a high nickel content
  • Faster grinding and finishing at consistent, reproducible surface quality
  • Stainless, water-resistant, resistant ductile, non-conductive, non-metallic
Width x LengthPUMOQArticle id
100 x 285 mm221002851AMEDRF
100 x 289 mm221002891AMEDRF
100 x 316 mm221003161AMEDRF
50 x 450 mm6650450AMEDRF
50 x 2000 mm66502000AMEDRF
75 x 2000 mm22752000AMEDRF
100 x 2000 mm661002000AMEDRF
150 x 2000 mm661502000AMEDRF
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