Vlieswalzen GB 710

Article id: 1005019

Groups: Satin finishing and non-woven products


For achieving matt surfaces. Especially suitable for stainless steel. 20 % more material compared with conventional 100 type rollers care for a longer tool life. Larger outer diameters reduce the heat during machining. Optimal price/performance ratio.

Ø x Width x BoreGrainPUArticle id
100 x 50 x 19 mmA-Coarse (grain 80)81005019AC
A-Fine (grain 180)81005019AF
A-Medium (grain 120)81005019AM
A-Very Fine (grain 280)81005019AVF
100 x 100 x 19 mmA-Coarse (grain 80)410010019ACOARSE
A-Fine (grain 180)410010019AF
A-Medium (grain 120)410010019AM
A-Very Fine (grain 280)410010019AVF
110 x 100 x 19 mmA-Coarse (grain 80)111010019ACOARSE
A-Medium (grain 120)111010019AMED
A-Fine (grain 180)111010019AFINE
A-Very Fine (grain 280)111010019AVF
S-Ultra-Fine (grain 600)111010019SUF
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