Non-woven mops GB 820

Article id: GB 820

Groups: Shaft tools


For metal machining and machining of stainless steel in apparatus and tank construction, automotive construction and as well as in the tool manufacturing industries.

  • Extremely durable due to double impregnation
  • For achieving a matt finishing with hardly any transitions on stainless steel surfaces
  • Easy assigning of the fineness structures due to colour marking
Ø x Width x SchaftgrainVEArtikelnummer
40 x 25 x 6 mmorange (grain 80)1040256ORANGE
yellow (grain 180-240)1040256GELB
green (grain 280-320)1040256GRUEN
50 x 25 x 6 mmorange (grain 80)1050256ORANGE
yellow (grain 180-240)1050256GELB
green (grain 280-320)1050256GRUEN
60 x 40 x 6 mmorange (grain 80)560406ORANGE
yellow (grain 180-240)560406GELB
green (grain 280-320)560406GRUEN
80 x 50 x 6 mmorange (grain 80)580506ORANGE
yellow (grain 180-240)580506GELB
green (grain 280-320)580506GRUEN

Non-woven mop GB 820 SET

Consists of 1x of eachVEMBMArtikelnummer
orange, yellow, green1180506VMSET
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