removal of annealed colours on railpole plate

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  • Angle grinder Flex Inox LE
  • MultiBrax® MultiGrinder attachment MB 650 MV
  • Unitized compact disc GB 676 90 x 6 x 20 mm, H5 soft
  • Non-woven strips GB 220 VEL with velcro, 40 x 600 mm, yellow (grit 80-240)
  • lastic grinding block ZB 910 35x60x30 mm, grit 24

Remove the annealed colours with the MB 650 MV MultiGrinder attachment and the unitized compact disc.


Recommended speed: 2,100 rpm

If besides the annealed colours also the weld seam shall be removed, we recommend to use the unitized compact discs 3 mm, hardness 7 (here the speed should be at 4000 rpm). You can also watch this work step in our video "Roundtube handrails: Weld seam grinding 60°".

Match the grinding pattern at the tube with the non-woven strips.

Match the grinding pattern on the railpole plate with the elastic grinding block.

Final grinding


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